Monday, March 12, 2012

Disinfect your cycling clothing before the 2012 season starts! Dettol

Do you suffer from adult diaper rash from cycling? Chafing? Use a laundromat or public washing machine in your apartment? You need to read this.

Other than mentioning that you need to keep up on your personal hygiene. You also need to be careful with your clothing so they are actually clean.

Take all your riding gear and throw it in the wash again. When washing in the rinse cycle add in this:

DETTOL® Disinfectant Liquid| Surface Disinfection

This is especially important for mountain biking gear. And if you use a laundry mat. Athletic clothing is supposed to be washed in warm or cold water. But warm or cold water is not hot enough to kill bacteria or virus. Tide/Sunlight etc can't kill the bacteria or virus. Bleech can, but bleech harms your clothes.

When mountain biking you sometimes go through areas of soil that can be contaminated with very powerful bad bacteria. I had a small cut on my finger prior to going out for a ride once and it would not heal as the infection wouldn't go away. I had to go to the doctor for oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics. This area was fresh cut single track with a weird rotting smell...

So add Dettol in 40ml of dettol antiseptic liquid to rinse cycle. (the same spot you add in fabric softener). Or use a downy ball.

If your washing machine has extra rise cycle. Use that to thoroughly rinse the dettol away.


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