Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pictures from 2012 Taipei Bicycle Show

Some select pictures from the 2012 Taipei Bicycle show. I asked my friend Winston from to help me take some quick pics while he was manning the RETÜL booth.

RETÜL Booth with Friday Fitness
One day I will take up his offer to attend the taipei bicycle show in person. Hopefully with my very own CAD model of a full carbon mountain bike frame complete with layup specification and fibre orientation and thousands of hours of FEA completed. At the Taipei Bicycle Show it is not just bicycle companies like Trek, Giant, or specialized showing off their latest models for sale. There are also the companies behind the scenes who manufacture the actual carbon fibre sheets or strands who then sell to the factories that make the carbon fibre frames. If you have a design and enough capital you can start your very own bicycle company. One day my dream will materialize.

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