Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dura-Ace 9000. The rumors are getting juicier!

For those that haven't heard. Dura-ace 9000 was hitting the rumor mills back in November of 2011 and discussed on several cycling forums. It is suppose to hit the market in 2013. Along with Sram red 10 (typo corrected) speed. 2013 will be the year of "new stuff" for the road cycling world.

It was first reported by if I remember correctly.

Dura-ace 9000 will sport 11 speed. Following in on the foot steps of Campagonolo who beat everyone to the market with 11 speed rear cassette. Does anyone remember the Gillette Razors from the 90s. First it was 2 blades. Then 3 blades with Mach 3. Then Shick made a 4 bladed razor called the Quattro. Sponsored by Andre Aggasi. Then finally Gillette came out with the Mach 5 and put an end to the battle. I don't think there is a 6 bladed razor out there... or is there?

Dura-Ace 9000 will be a complete groupset featuring everything from derailleurs to hubsets and wheels. It will also have both the mechanical and electronic version with a common crankset. The rumor is that the Dura-Ace 9000 electronic shifters will share similarity with the current Ultegra electronic shifters. Bringing back the ability to select components between each line and have seamless interchangeability.

Now more spy photos have since appeared. Courtesy of "The daily grind cycling journal".

You can see the front shifter pods share similarity with the current generations from Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo. Which is to have a nice flat section with a short transition to the top. Cables are hidden ofcourse and only time will tell if Shimano has managed to make the Dura-Ace 9000 shift as well as the old Dura-Ace 7800.

The tell-tale look of a prototype unmarked rear derailleur.

An interesting brake design. Some sort of a compound lever arrangement. Not single pivot. Not dual pivot...

And finally the rumors of a new crankset being 4 arm is true. It will be pretty certain that Shimano will again introduce another bolt circle diameter that no one in the world uses so that you can only buy Shimano chain rings or resort to custom.

"Reviewing footage of Nieuwsblad from when Dowsett was involved in a crash, when he picked up his bike and the camera moto drove by shooting footage of him awaiting a new bike, it appears that the new crankset is on display (with it’s 4 arm design.)  Sure, the capture isn’t great quality, but something about the crank just screams “mountain bike” as opposed to road machine."

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