Monday, February 20, 2012

indepth review: Delta Michelangelo Gravity Bike Storage Rack

Wall Art: How to decorate your condo...

available to purchase from Mountain Equipment Co-op. Cost is $79.

This all started with my girlfriend complaining about my bikes being scattered in our loft. While I think the Den (which is never used) is the perfect place to store my bikes she did not. I was reminded of this everyday for 1 year... The original solution was to hang my bikes from the ceiling, see how our ceiling is 14' high. A fellow neighbor on the first floor had done this with his carbon fibre Giant mountain bike and road bike.

This particular "bike lift" I think cost $12.99 @ Winners. It would have done the trick Except my girlfriend somehow convinced me that the ceiling was made out of wood. It does look like painted wood... So I went and grabbed the ladder and proceeded to try to install this thing. Fail.

The ceiling is solid concrete. The pattern in the concrete is from the floors being framed/molded using wood 2x6s nearly 70 years ago and the wood removed once the concrete sets. We live in a loft conversion from an old factory. This would have worked if I had a masonry bit, but living with limited tools proves difficult. It's not like I didn't have enough power from my drill to do it.

Bosch made in Germany 36V hammer drill...

One of the walls was lacking some art anyways so I went with Delta Michelangelo Gravity Bike Storage Rack.

This beautifully made piece of bent tubes perfectly portrays your rolling works of art. I still can not understand how a bunch of bent tubes is worth $79 bucks. But whatever, the time required for me to buy metal tubes, bend them, do some welding and paint them is something I don't have.

The plus side of this stand is that no holes need to be drilled into the walls. Meaning it can be easily relocated. I put the heavier bike on the bottom and lighter one on the top for stability. Regardless of how your orient the bikes the stand is very stable with no concerns with it falling. There is no left to right wobble and the stand leans against the wall with a rubber knob near the top. The rubber knobs at the legs prevent the stand from sliding out. It will take a bit of trial and error to get the optimal placement and balance.

As for the contact with your expensive works of art (who really cares about the wall) the hooks are rubber coated to prevent your bike's frame from being marred or scratched. The hooks can be positioned at any height you please.

Small hooks allow you to hang your bicycle helmet or other gear for you to keep stashed. I found them hard to get to so I don't really use them.

If you are crammed for space and will not allow your prized pieces of art be relegated to the storage locker or worse the bike room for thieves to pillage; this is your solution. It even got a compliment by my girlfriend that my bikes look nice. This coming from a person who despises my bikes and hobby..

9/10 - would be a 10/10 if the price was under $50 CDN


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