Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Part 4: Antiseize

Use antiseize for the following:
  • threaded bottom bracket cups
  • centreloc shimano brake rotor lock ring
  • cassette lock ring
  • can be used to aid press fit assemblies to help installation

An anti-seize lubricant used on a bolt helps to develop greater clamp load for the same torque compared to an unlubricated bolt. An additional benefit is greater uniformity in clamp load among a series of bolts. The relationship between torque and clamp load is expressed in the following equation:
T = K x F x D
T = Torque (N·m,, lb.ft)
K = Torque coefficient or nut factor, determine experimentally
F = Clamp load (N, lb.)
D = Nominal diameter of bolt (mm, in.)

Torque coefficient, k:
SAE grade 5, class2, phosphate coated steel nuts & bolts = 0.16
SAE grade 5, class2, phosphate coated steel nuts & bolts, solvent cleaned, not lubricated = 0.19
*assume 0.35 for titanium and 1.2 for aluminum

reference Loctite C5-A tech spec

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