Tuesday, January 17, 2012

QR15 roof rack? No such thing. You need an adapter. Filzer QR15 adapter review

Do transport your bikes via a roof rack? Are they fork mounted? Do you enjoy mountain biking? Sooner or later you will be getting a bike with a fork that uses a through axle. Currently none of the rack manufacturers offer a fork mounted through axle bike rack. Not rockymounts, not Yakima, not Thule. Unless you go with one of the racks that holds your bikes via the front and rear wheel.

Personally after using one of those two wheel racks, I don't like them. At highway speeds the bike buffets in the two wheel racks. Combined the fact you may be late to the race start and you are travelling at warp speed trying to get there doesn't help.

Currently two companies offer adapters to allow you to mount a through axle bike to a 9mm QR rack. and

This review is for the Filzer Fork Adapter 15mm (FA-15). I purchased it from for $25 CDN. A great shop for Canadians.

The main purpose of buying a QR15 adapter for me was to allow me to use my current work stand for my new build. I have a Tacx Spider Team T3050 work stand. A great stand that I have used for the last 5 years. It unfortunately uses 9mm QRs to secure the bike to the stand. So I needed a fork adapter.

Build quality I would rate it as average. Just a bunch of steel plates and steel tubes welded together. My concern was the finish on the two ends of the tubes which will contact the fork. When purchasing the part at MEC, I went through all the adapters on the shelf to find one that didn't have paint dripping to the ends of the tubes, and all the machining burrs were removed. Many were not. So be careful.

Also the tubing inner diameter has a loose tolerance with the QR15 axle. The QR15 axle is designed to be in double sheer. So the loads from the wheel gets transferred to the axle and to the fork at two areas. With a loose fit the loads will cause wear on the axle. A better design would have the inner diameter of the tubing be reemed and in close tolerance with the QR15 axle similar to the inner diameter of your fork. With this adapter, the play in the end is being taken away by adjusting the preload on the axle when you cinch the QR cam's down.Then the loads are transferred at the two ends of the tube where there is little surface area creating a critical slip joint. Not what a QR15 axle is designed to do. That is what 9mm QRs are meant to do. In my opinion you will quickly wear the fork's axle area if used on your rack.  

 In the end the real purpose for me buying the adapter was to use it on my stand.

Overall rating 5/10

-Cost effective adapter
-good availability (available through MEC and
-will work great for  Park and Tacx Euro-style work stands

-average quality
-poor design - most likely will cause unnecessary wear on your fork during transport.


  1. Yakima now support a thru-axle mount:

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