Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a Foxy Fork - a black F100 RLC Fit QR15 beauty

The fork chosen for my Rocky Mountain build took some while to find. Aesthetics in my opinion is just as important as a light bike. What we have here is a black 2011 Fox F100 RLC FIT, tapered steerer tube (1 1/8 "to 1.5"), QR15 fork. This fork is not normally available at the retail level as black F32 series forks were only available as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offering. Meaning sold to bicycle companies to include with their frames as complete bikes. I've seen these black OEM ones go on ebay for anywhere from 250 USD to 700 USD. I unfortunately missed out one that went only for 300 USD brand new. This one I purchased from I've purchased many parts on closeout from them in past. Keep an eye out, you may see something you like for a crazy deal.

Fox lists a F32 F100 RLC Fit w/ taper steerer tube and QR15 lowers at 1490g. A delta of + 65g is very respectable weight, that is only a variance of ~4% over claimed weight. I've seen Fox forks be almost 200 grams over manufactured claimed weights. Perhaps the OEM forks were built with tighter quality assurance during the initial manufacturing ramp. A lot of times companies will screen and pay attention to yield and adherence to specifications more during initial stages of production and stop or lesson their monitor once they are producing in high volume... Nevertheless I'm very happy.

The only thing missing from this fork is the Kashima coating. Kashima coating was not offered to OEM Fox Forks in 2011. It wasn't until 2012 that OEMs could get Fox forks with the special super slick coating.

Last but not least here is the Fox QR15 skewer made by Shimano.

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