Friday, February 10, 2012

Fox Canada aka AuroraActionSports order has arrived

A couple of days ago I posted about Fox Canada blow out sale.

I love ordering over the internet. Receiving packages is like receiving mini Christmas gifts.

Some fine deals guys and gals. Being an avid supporter for 6 or so years this is worthy of posting there. I will let the cycling community vultures pick at the inventory for a bit before I post there though.

First off, free shipping over $150. Sold in Canada and shipped out of Canada with USA level pricing. For once it is nice not to be gouged with brokerage fees by couriers and post offices. What you paid for is final. The UPS man won't ask for 50 dollars on a 20 dollar shipment, Canada Post will not ask you for a 8 dollar brokerage fees...

What I got:

Part Description Price Qty Subtotal
24069-001016  Unabomber Glove  $19.00  $38.00 
24069-008016  Unabomber Glove  $19.00  $38.00 
24094-186016  Fox Reflex Gel Short  $19.00  $19.00 
24101-103016  Fox Unabomber Glove  $25.00  $25.00 
23140-001005  Fox Performance Race S/S Jersey  $31.00  $31.00 

Item Total: $151.00
Shipping Cost: $0.00
Subtotal: $151.00
Tax (13%): $19.63

Total: $170.63

Unfortunately the current edition of the Fox Unabomber glove was no longer available ($25), so they refunded me that and the tax and the total came out to be around $143. Package arrived on Wednesday and they shipped it out Monday.

I'm a huge fan of the old original Unabomber Glove. I have worn out 1 pair of them already over the years, the current pair I have is starting to rip apart at the seems around the palm areas. Mind you they have gone through 100s of rides and since they are my favorite they get used all the time. They also get washed after every use in the laundry machine.

Unfortunately Fox decided to update their design so that this version is now discontinued. hence why I loaded up on 4 pairs. The reason why I love them so much other than the fact they fit absolutely perfectly on my hands is that because they are lightweight. Not overly padded. Protection on the knuckles that get exposed when you grab the bars near the edge. Best glove ever designed in my opinion.

The Jersey was not bad. The fit is the same as a Louis Garneau racer fit Large. The road glove fits just as nice as the Una-bomber. Perfect for those who like thin to no padding for their road bike gloves.

If you want some Fox clothing for amazing prices don't hesitate. You won't be finding these prices unless you find sales in the USA at local bike stores. Then you have to worry about shipping and cross boarded taxes/brokerage fees.

If you are into GoKarts there are some wicked deals on old "SPRINT" clothing that Fox made in the past. This stuff is circa 2004. But who cares. $40 bucks or so for a kart jacket, $30 or so for Nomex gloves. Beats paying hundreds for Sparco.

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